Easy, Classy Fall Decor Tips

This fall has been super crazy! With my five children each in all different stages of life, (one in high school, one in middle school, elementary school, preschool, and a nine month baby at home), this fall has been the busiest ever!

So this year fall decorating needed to be fast and simple! So that's what I did! 
 I already had the three metallic vases, but knew I needed a couple more. (Remember, when displaying lots of accessories, look best when grouped in odd numbers.) I then found two matching metallic candlesticks at At Home store.

Next, I found these wonderful, white pumpkins from Target. (I loved that they were white because it brightened up the room- instead of normal dark fall decor.) The greenery, gold pumpkin and fall garland pieces I've had from prior years.  I put them all together and-voila!

Easy fall home decor with only a few pieces! So simple!

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