A Spooky Halloween Mantle

Fall is such a spectacular time to decorate any space! It's so wonderful to decorate for Halloween, next Thanksgiving, and then Christmas! My Husband I had so much fun decorating our fire place mantle- and I couldn't wait to share! Read below for all the spooky details!

Tip: When you decorate for a holidays you don't have to go out and buy a ton of decorations! First, look around your home for things you already have that could work. Incorporate your everyday décor and mix it with holiday décor.

For example, the large trunk and mirror in the back ground are my normal mantle décor. We just added the spider webs to them to make them look a little creepy. The candle sticks in the picture, I've had for years. They used to be black, but I spray painted them white for a fresher look. Now they're perfect for holding up a crawling spider. 

I found this darling banner and festive spider web frame at Michael's craft store. The banner came as part of a kit- complete with water bottle and cupcake wrappers- as well as other party décor!  I used two water bottle wrappers, layer on top of each other, to wrap around my glass jug.

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