Holiday Coffee Table Decor

One of my favor decor things to do is change out my coffee table decor for different holidays!
I always keep the same basic pieces: the candles, candles sticks, and white tray. Then I add decor according to the themed holiday. Below is normal coffee table decor that I have up for most of the year. 

Then for Valentine's Day, I change out the flowers, but keep the same vase. I add new pink and red pillows and a Valentine's banner on the fire place. It changes the entire look! 

 During Christmas season, I took out my glass square vase and replaced it with an apothecary jar fill with festive silver and gold balls. Then I covered the tray with different textured greenery and a few extra large Christmas ornaments. By using different textures in my greenery it added depth and interest to the arrangement.

You can do this with any holiday! The possibilities are endless! Just incorporate your favorite color holiday decor with a few of your normal decor pieces!