Updating a Space with Budget Friendly Ideas!

Every January, with the start of the new year, I like to make little, budget friendly changes to my home decor! It has to be on the cheap because we’re just coming off of Christmas where I normally over spend. (Oops don't tell the hubby.)

Some of the easiest ways to update any space is by painting an existing piece of furniture, painting decor already have, and buy a few new accessories - like a new rug. 
I'm going to share with you what I did to get it to look like the photo below. 

  I bought a new sofa about a year ago from Rooms to Go, but never really updated the room to go along with the new sofa. So, the first change I made was to update my coffee table. I sanded it down a bit, filled in the nicks with wood putty, and then spray painted it from black to white! I used a spray paint with a satin finish called Rustoleum - which I bought at Lowe’s. Because of the table's classic design and solid wood construction, there was no reason to buy new even if I had money in the budget. I purchased it from World Market over twelve years ago and it's been a staple in our home ever since. And now it has a clean, crisp, fresh feel! 

Next I dusted off an old black pair of wood candlesticks from my decorator closet - that I bought  Hobby Lobby a few years back. Then I spray painted the candlesticks white and will probably  distress them in the future for a more farmhouse look. 
(The wood ones replaced the silver ones - the silver ones were from Home Goods.)

Another change I added was to replace the rug under my coffee table. I've had the old aqua rug for the past five years and I wanted to switch to a neutral color. 

Rugs USA was kind enough to send me this gorgeous gray 5'x8' Tallahassee Floral Jewel Medallion Rug in grey.  It has the look of a stylish expensive rug - but so easy on the budget! A win-win! Plus, I love how it lightens up my entire room, and goes perfect with my newly painted coffee table and candlesticks. 

 I also placed fresh flowers in a mirrored vase for a pop of color. When the flowers die- I will replace them with silk flowers of a similar color, to maintain the fun color.

For low cost pillows, I went to my local Home Goods and picked up a few new ones with patterns. 
(I love mixing and matching patterns in my pillows because it creates dimension and interest.) I incorporated the new with the old and still created an entire new look!

I hope you find these decorating tips helpful as you update the space your in!
Check out the "Before and After" photo!