Making an Old Christmas Tree New Again!

 One of the most popular trends in christmas decor is having a flocked Christmas tree with different types of ribbon and embellishments. While flocked trees are beautiful, it's not always possible to ditch your perfectly good Christmas tree for a new one. So I've discovered a great way to achieve the "Pinterest" look without breaking the bank!

My Christmas tree is about 10 years old and all green. I needed to freshen it up! I really wanted to make it look more like a flocked tree, so I went and bought a few large flocked tree pieces, or stems, from my local Michael's Craft store and stuck them in the tree. Then I bought smaller pieces of flocked different shades greenery to add more dimension to my tree. 

 Tall Christmas tree toppers are all the rage, so I went to Hobby Lobby and bought these red tall sprigs. They originally had lime green in them, but I took it out and just used the red. I also used silver floral stems to fill in the top and make it look more dramatic. 

My garland came from Hobby Lobby about four years ago. It too was just solid green, so I added all different types of floral stems with different shades.  I also added several ribbons with different patterns and colors for more interest.

I also used decorative mesh to help fill in empty spots where the tree might not be as full.

I hope you enjoy your tree and make wonderful memories with it for years to come! 

Christmas Tree Inspiration!

Christmas time is a magical time in the decorating world! 
I just love seeing how so many talented people are decorating thier home for the Christmas season! 
I wanted to share these inspirational photos with you from some of my favorite websites! 

I love this little piece of winter wonderland from World Market.

For elegant looking tree Randi, at Randi Garrett Design is one of my decorating heroes, everything she does is so regal!

Lucy, from Craftberry Bush put together this cozy Christmas farmhouse dream!

And another one of my favorites, Kelley Nan,  decorated the gorgeous tree with romantic flair- using pastel colors and accents of gold.

For an all white goodness- this tree from The Happy Happy Nester is perfect!

And I had to showcase this whimsical tree because it's just so darn cute! Check it out 


The Christmas Season is Here!

I love Christmas time! And to kick of the holiday season my family and I attended the lighting of the our town square HUGE Christmas tree! It was so magical! 
Then we came home and watched the Wonderful World of Disney's TV spectacular. It was such a marvelous atmosphere with the glow of the fire and sparkle of the twinkling Christmas lights! I wanted to share a couple of photos with you.
It's amazing how things look so different in the daytime and nighttime!





Thanksgiving in the Dining Room

Where did October go? Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! Well, I'm already for family and friends to take part in a lovely feast remembering our country's history. 

This year I went a little more simple than in years past. In the interest in time, I made a one stop trip too target and picked up the table runner, cloth napkins, cream colored pumpkins, and little pumpkins on the plates. I get a lot of questions about about my leaf garland. I actually got that at the Target dollar spot last year. It was $3.00- I couldn't pass it up!

To decorate my table, I started by putting the table runner down first. Then I added my medium sized pumpkins on cake stands, and added the gold candlesticks. That was my base. From there I added pumpkins, and the floral beads.

 I used a lot of what I already had. The burlap and wood bucket on the buffet table, I've had in my closet for years - so I thought I'd bring them out to give a little cozy farmhouse feel. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's tricky to use old and new decor together. It's nice to save on money, but always fun to have new! 

Just know that decorating doesn't have to break the bank, and stress you out. Look for a few key pieces and a great matching color scheme!

Easy, Classy Fall Decor Tips

This fall has been super crazy! With my five children each in all different stages of life, (one in high school, one in middle school, elementary school, preschool, and a nine month baby at home), this fall has been the busiest ever!

So this year fall decorating needed to be fast and simple! So that's what I did! 
 I already had the three metallic vases, but knew I needed a couple more. (Remember, when displaying lots of accessories, look best when grouped in odd numbers.) I then found two matching metallic candlesticks at At Home store.

Next, I found these wonderful, white pumpkins from Target. (I loved that they were white because it brightened up the room- instead of normal dark fall decor.) The greenery, gold pumpkin and fall garland pieces I've had from prior years.  I put them all together and-voila!

Easy fall home decor with only a few pieces! So simple!

A Spooky Halloween Mantle

Fall is such a spectacular time to decorate any space! It's so wonderful to decorate for Halloween, next Thanksgiving, and then Christmas! My Husband I had so much fun decorating our fire place mantle- and I couldn't wait to share! Read below for all the spooky details!

Tip: When you decorate for a holidays you don't have to go out and buy a ton of decorations! First, look around your home for things you already have that could work. Incorporate your everyday décor and mix it with holiday décor.

For example, the large trunk and mirror in the back ground are my normal mantle décor. We just added the spider webs to them to make them look a little creepy. The candle sticks in the picture, I've had for years. They used to be black, but I spray painted them white for a fresher look. Now they're perfect for holding up a crawling spider. 

I found this darling banner and festive spider web frame at Michael's craft store. The banner came as part of a kit- complete with water bottle and cupcake wrappers- as well as other party décor!  I used two water bottle wrappers, layer on top of each other, to wrap around my glass jug.

The Cozy Corner

The master bedroom just became much cozier!

This corner in the master bedroom was just too bare! I decided to liven it up to by adding some texture and a punch of color. I used the fuzzy turquoise throw and geometric patterned pillow to add interest to the linen tufted armchair.

Because I love metallics - I could not resist getting this silver accent table. Now it's perfect for nestling up with a good book on chilly fall nights!

Products with Unique Textures and Materials!

This world is full of different textures, from fabrics and textiles, to furniture and consumer products. In my profession as an interior decorator I deal with these elements daily. Along with color different materials and textures make life so much more interesting. Right now in the design world haptic textures are one of the hot topics. It's all about how we interact with products, the way they feel and the response those textures and products cause. 

I love it when I find unusual textures used in a different way! So when an original object catches my eye, I have to mention it. Like this watch from JORD WOOD Watches! I have never heard of, let alone seen a wooden watch before! When my husband saw this men's zebrawood watch from their Frankie series, he fell in love with it and had to have it! 

The first thing we noticed was the stunning wood box the watch came in. It even had a tiny drawer at the bottom. The attention to detail and materials was very unique and refreshing when compared to the usual plastic or paper of common consumer products. You can find more information about this unique watch here. 

And right now they're offering a giveaway! The contest winner will automatically be emailed a $75.00 e-gift code to the JORD shop. All other entrants will automatically be emailed a $20.00 e-gift code just for entering! So click on the the JORD Giveaway link to enter today! 

You'll want to hurry- the contest closes on September 7th, 11:59 pm Central Time.

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I've Been MIA...

Oh my goodness, where has the time gone? I haven't posted in a while due to fun summer activities with my family! But school started back up this week, and now I have time to get back to the wonderful world of blogging!

With a new school year, frequently comes new client projects-which I love! One I'm working on right now is a on kitchen remodel for a client. New floors, trim work, paint, kitchen cabinets, furniture- the works! It will look amazing when it's done!
Here's a snapshot from a planning meeting.
This gorgeous kitchen island was just custom built a few weeks ago!
Here's some photos I pulled from the internet for inspiration!

Happy 4th of July!

Yay! It's July 4th! I have so many fond childhood memories of July 4th- and decorations were always apart of them! My Mom and Grandma always had flags in yard, bunting banners hanging from outside windows, and cut out stars on the kitchen walls- all to make the 4th extra special!

Today with my own children, I want them to have very festive Independence days too! So every year we bring out the July 4th tote and make the house patriotic!

I decided to mix up new and old decor. The red, white and blue paper circles I already had from my son's birthday party a couple years ago (I originally bought them at Party City). The glitter star is from Hobby Lobby. The darling July 4th printable I found on pinterest via The blue and red stripe banners I bought it target a few years ago. The "Love" I just picked up at JoAnne's for $9.99.

Put it all together and it works! Happy Fourth of July everyone!