Laundry Room Love!

This laundry room definably needed some personality! I wanted the room to feel calm, and happy, to make laundry more enjoyable:)
 The before picture shows what the laundry room looked like when we first moved in the home two years ago. The after picture shows the new and improved room after my husband Justin put his carpentry skills to work! 

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Justin started by using a hammer to rip out the old wood shelf. We didn't worry about fixing the wall from the damage because we were going to cover it up with a brand new sheet of bead board.
Once the bead board was nailed to was the wall, he began measuring, cutting and inserting the wooden shelves. He then added a piece of crown molding to the top, and a piece of trim to the bottom of the shelves.
Next he added bead board, with decorative top trim, half way up the wall, on two walls of the room.
Then the painting commenced! I wanted a happy color so I chose Morning Breeze By Valspar. I love it! It's bright and cherry!
Then I made a couple trips to some home decor stores and bought some accessories for storage!
 I love how everything turned!

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  1. What a great laundry room! You really have a good taste in matching colors and design. I think Justin also did a great job in showcasing his awesome carpentry skills. Hahaha! Now that is one laundry room where you'll never get tired of washing clothes on. Thanks for sharing that, Nissa-Lyn! All the best!

    Helene Raymond @ Trade Squad