Loving the Flocked Look!

I LOVE decorating with metallics, especially at Christmas time! The last few years winter whites have been increasing in popularity in Christmas decorating. Flocked trees are popping up all over Pinterest and in model homes and stores are selling more and more flocked tree limbs, greenery and sprigs.  So how do you add flocking to the green decor you already have?

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If you don't want to spend the money on a new flocked tree- buy flocked tree limbs- buy flocked individual pieces! That's what I did with our Christmas tree in the dinning room. I took our artificial all green tree and added flocked tree limbs for a brighter, more snowy feel! I purchased these at Michael's' Craft Store. Then I just stuck them into the tree.

 Well, I had several clients ask me where to get flocked pieces- unfortunately most local craft stores and boutiques have sold out even before Thanksgiving! So if you can't find the individual flocked pieces you're looking for, buy a flocked garland, cut it up and put the pieces into green garland and trees you already have! Or you could use flocked sticks in your decorating!

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