Design Tips for an Easy Tablescape!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, lots of folks are already thinking about decorating their Thanksgiving table. Putting together a tablescape is one of my favorite things! But first, what is a "tablescape" and how is it different than just setting the table? The term tablescaping has developed in recent years with people decorating their tables, particularly for holidays, more and more elaborately to create an experience for their guests. 

"Tablescaping is the act of creatively arranging a tabletop so that it conveys a specific theme, mood, or experience. It's a thought process of being creative and planning to design a table top with a specific theme or mood." 

So it's different than just setting the table with forks, knives, plates etc. Most tablscapes have been methodically thought out and planned, shopped for and set to be perfect for one's guests. One drawback is the clean-up afterwards, especially with all the extra dishes!  

But If you don't have time to do all that - here's some quick tips for your Thanksgiving dinner;

1. First place a simple, neutral table runner down the middle of your table. You can also opt for buying placemats if you want. They don't have to match the table runner. These can be found at your Home Goods or Target stores. 

 2. Add pillar candles  at several different height for your centerpiecesYou don't have to use candle holders - but it would look great to add height to your centerpiece. You can also place a few vases of fresh flowers as well. 

3. Adding chargers can also be a nice touch. A charger is a large plate that sit under the dinner plate. If you want to skip that charger, go ahead! Also, If you want the look of formal china without the cleanup - buy these amazing plates at you local grocery store. They're plastic, sturdier than paper, and  have a silver accent to look like china.

4. Sprinkle real or artificial leaves down the center of the table runner.

5. Add your silverware and glassware and if you have cloth or paper napkins place them in the glasses for a fun festive look. And that's it!

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