A Peek Into the Parson's Home Part 1

 Hello Friends!
I've had so many emails from people asking what my home looks like when you walk in. SoI'm sharing a peek inside my home!

I love light neutral colors and white trim work. You can find it through the house.
I must admit it's kind hard keeping the linen chairs and sofa clean with five children, but they're pretty good about following the house rules about mommy's furniture.

My husband built the hall tree/mud room area. I love how it looks, but better yet, I love how we use it all time!

This is just a a peek into the Parson's home. I'll share more photos later of the kitchen, dining room and others soon!

Up close at the coffee table decor.

View from kitchen looking at living room.

Entry way hall with barrel arch.

Mud room off the entryway hall.

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