Pops of Color in the Living Room!

So I'm so excited to show you a client's beautiful home I've been working on! This room has all the stylish trends going on including: aqua, navy and gray-some of the hot colors for 2017!

 We started with a gray and white color pallet- then added the the navy, coal and aqua as the accent colors with accessories.

My client had bought the Ikea Ektorp sofas two years ago with white slip covers- but they just didn't stay clean with five kids and a dog. She constantly found herself washing them every other week. So we updated them with brand new the gray covers- they're turned great! They're so classy and they stay clean!

The pillows needed have pops of colors to accent the darker couches- so navy, white and coral became an ideal combination. Texture also played a role in what pillows were chosen because we wanted to convey interest and depth. The pillows came from Etsy and Pottery Barn.

For the coffee table decor we started by making a trip to At Home (formerly know as Garden Ridge). The lantern was the first thing picked, and then the rest of the decor fell into place! The aqua vase and picture frame also came from At Home. The unique decorator books were purchased on ColorMille

With five children, she also needed a durable, washable coffee table. So this one from Wayfair did the trick!

This custom made "this is our happy place" sign from The Rustic Sparrow Shop. It has such a beautiful message and really pulls this space together. It also creates such an uplifting presence in the room.

Next up is decorating the fireplace mantle- and there are already big plans in the works for it! I can't wait to share!