Holiday Decor is Up!

It's been super busy around here and I apologize for not posting much! October and November are the super busiest time of year for me with lots of client consultations (which I love)! Everyone is trying to spruce up their homes before the holidays when guests will be in town. Plus with  a new baby girl on the horizon- I've been trying to get ideas for decorating her nursery. 

But the Christmas season is upon us, and how wonderful it is! It's always that magical time of year, where interiors are decorated with lots of glitter, metallics, ribbon, and the sparkle of Christmas lights! 

Here's a few photos of my entryway table decor! I love mixing the traditional, colorful nutcrackers with elegant silver and gold decor! I love the look of all silver and gold- but I find the bright, cheerful red and green colors in the entry way make it more festive and inviting. Plus, my little ones love the color. I do have my dining rom all decorated in just silver (Post to come).