Shopping Tips for Finding the Perfect Home Accessories!

When I saw this floral arrangement and glass apothecary jars- I knew that were exactly what I needed for my bedroom. I was so excited to find them!

Shopping for accessories can be overwhelming! Especially when you're pacing through the isles of  stores like Homes Goods or Hobby Lobby. Below are a few tips to help you sort through the hundreds of décor pieces to find your the right home accents for your home!
1. First, comb through magazines, Pinterest, and online photos of rooms you like.
2. Ask yourself: do you like modern, tradition, or more rustic home décor styles? 
3. Decide what colors and styles you're drawn to. How do those colors and styles make you feel? Is there a certain store you just love and want to your home to look like?
4. Save pictures you love and look closely at how they decorated the details in the room. What did they put on that coffee table? What type of rug did they use on the floor? What kinds of colors did they use in their pillows?
4. Then before you go to the stores, decide what specific items your going to look for, using your saved pictures as inspiration.
5. Know your budget. Decide if you rather spend  money on several less expensive items or put all your money towards a piece that you absolutely love! Happy Shopping!

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