My New Found Love for Nebraska Furniture Mart!

My Hubs and I love going on date nights to Nebraska Furniture Mart! They have so many great things for the home! We slowly coast around the isles of their beautiful accessorized store- looking at everything delicately placed in to perfection! 

For example, I love the fun chalk board walls in this family room display!

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While the prices on their furniture are wonderful, and I'm planning on buying my sectional from there, the home accessories not so much. The price tags will give you a little sticker shock!bthet did to me! My advice is to not buy their home decor or accessories. YOU can find similar pieces at places like Home Goods or Marshalls.  

Now going back to the accessories, I really like how this company "creates real looking rooms." They use wall decor and accessories to make it feel like a creative room you'd want in your home - not just a show room like in most furniture stores.

It's also a one-stop shopping trip because have everything need for every kind of room possible! They have: lighting, floors, fitness equipment, outdoor furniture, game and media rooms, appliances, and electronics- like iPads and computers! You can go to their website at: Nebraska Furniture Mart

See this coffee table below-it's displayed great! Snap a photo of it on your camera- so you can  remember how it's displayed, then find similar pieces at a discount retailer for less! 

There sofas and other furniture are really, really reasonable priced! In fact, they carry Ashley brand furniture- and they're cheaper than the sofas found in an actual Ashely Home Store.

While their artificial flowers are beautiful- you can find similar ones at Michaels Craft Store for 1/3 the cost.