Tips for Setting a Beautiful Easter Table

Easter is less than two weeks away! Crazy! Easter is one of my favorite holidays with lots of family traditions! My mother thrived on making holidays super special- and Easter was no exception. (I loved how she’d always send us on money eggs hunts and make our traditional Swiss cheese ham bake dinner.)  Decorating for Easter is so fun because you can create a peaceful, cozy feeling with soft pastels, or a more happy, cheerful look with bright colors.

I’m excited to share with you how I decorated my Easter table. For starters, I mixed a few older pieces I already had, with some new pieces I just purchased. I always like to do a “trial run” before the actual holiday. I decorate my table a couple days before the event and take a picture of it . That way if I’m running behind on the day of the event, I don’t have to think about where to place everything. I just look at the picture - and voila! I know where everything goes.

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Now, when I’m out shopping and looking for new party/holiday decor I always ask myself two questions:

"Can I use this piece again for another future event?" 
“Is the piece classic and will I still love this piece a year from now?" 
(In this case will I use it next Easter?)

Pier One excelled in Easter decor this year! I loved going into their stores and looking at their festive table displays. I even bought the little egg floral arrangement from there. 

Looking at the retail market, a big trend right now is to layer cloth napkins with different colors and or patterns, and to finish the look off  by using chunky, decorative napkin rings. For my table I chose a these bright hot pink peonies also from Pier One. I fell in love with them!

The turquoise polka-dot and peach chiffon cloth napkins also caught me eye! They’re from Home Goods as well as the table runner. I wanted to draw attention the table place settings not the table runner- so I went with a off white runner with the happy colorful embroidered flowers. I love the pop of color they bring in! The white cake plates are from Home Goods. They’re super great because they be can used them for many future events simply by changing out the color of ribbon.

The chargers, white dishes, goblets, the white distressed galvanized vase and pink flowers I already had. I did purchase the darling white bunnies on a whim-as I was walking through the wonderful isles of target. I was taken by their gold ears. I love sparkle and shining things! Plus, white and gold are classic colors- so I knew I would defiantly use them next Easter. 

I hope you have a wonderful time decorating for Easter, and enjoy the holiday with your family and friends. Enjoy the day and make some wonderful memories!


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