My Delightful Dining Room Part 2

Oh How I love my dining room! It's my favorite room in my home! I wanted the room to have a regal, traditional feel, with a modern elegant look. I've had several inquires about how to create this look- and I'm happy to share. 

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I've had several inquires about how to create this look- and I'm happy to share. First, I started researching, and asking myself, "What type of look and style do I want? What kinds of colors am I drawn to and what type of style do I like?"

I always loves blues-even before they became very popular, and I've always been taken with black furniture. I also knew I wanted to buy furniture that I would have for a long time. So, I bought traditional looking furniture, from Macy's, that would go with my grandmother's tea set. (I've always wanted to display it in a dinning room. Besides, personal treasure help make a house a home.) Then I bought modern accessories (the mirror, lamps and wall decor)- to give the room slight modern twist.

 This pillow came from Pier One. I fell in love with the sparkle of the rhinestones!
I shopped a lot of places for white window panels- and I when I found these they were perfect. I wanted white, but not solid and or too plain. These have some demision in the fabric to make them  more interesting.  I bought them at Bed Bath and Beyond. 

I chose a blue/green paint color called Silver Sage, by restoration Hardware. I actually took the origional color swatch from the store and had it color matched at my local Lowes Home Improvement Store. It turned out great! Once the paint was applied- the walls seemed to change color in different lights. During the day, in the natural might, the walls looked more blue, at night, in artificial light, they like more green. But I didn't mind, because overall, I was pleased with the peaceful color.

My Husband did all the trim work. It was only his second project he ever did. It turned out great!

My chandelier was a dream come true! I wanted the lighting to be the focal point go the room- so it had to be grands and super elegant. I searched all over the internet and lighting stores- only to find every lighting fixture I loved was way to pricey. I just couldn't pay $800.00?! But then I found the perfect crystal chandelier at! It was amazing- and it was only $250.00! The only down side is it took 4 hours for my husband to put together! But bless his heart!

Hope you enjoyed a little tour of my dining room!

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  1. It's so beautiful! Thanks for sharing where you got things!