Fun, Simple, Cheap Halloween Decor!

Holiday decorating is the best! I jump at the chance when people ask me to decorate their home for the holidays!

However, holiday decor can be expensive depending where you shop. The Dollar Store is a great place to get decorations for dirt cheap. They're not the best quality, and they might not last year to year, but it makes for a fun holiday!

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Normally I don't buy a lot of decor at Walmart, but they pleasantly surprised me this year! Here's some pictures from a client's fireplace mantle and entry way. They all came from Walmart and Hobby Lobby!! After decorating my friend's home with the fun
Walmart decor, I wanted to buy some from my house too!

The glitter pumpkins were only $2.97 for the small and $4.97 for the large- and they light up! Kids love them! The spiders, again from Walmart, were $3.97, they're perfect inside to outdoor use! I placed these ones outside climbing up the rock of my the home-secured only by wrapping them around the light fixtures.

The fastest growing holiday decor item is mesh! It gives so much added dimension to any space! It's perfect for wreaths, bows, holiday garlands for stair cases, fireplaces, or just to drape around on a table. I bought this thirty foot roll for only $4.77 at Walmart!

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