Blast From the Past

I thought I'd share a few picture from my son's bedroom in our old house. We've been in our new, larger home for about eighteen months now and it's defiantly a work in progress. When I get my kid's new bedrooms finished I'll definably post- but for now their  a work in progress.

   I wanted a vintage car feel, but I also wanted to keep the room simple from the clutter of car decor. I chose bright red and blue colors. I wanted to convey a happy, cheerful atmosphere for my 7 and 4 year olds. The bedding is all from Target, except for the sheets. I figured it was better to not spend a ton of money for my boy's bedding since they are pretty active and I didn't have to fret if it got ruined. The car signs are from Potter Barn Kids several years ago. For the wall decor/shadow boxes, I went to different antique stores and found old maps, vintage signs, and license plates with the states that had memories to me. 

Inside one frame are maps, and pieces from the east coast- where my parents are from. The second frame covers middle America-primarly Texas- where we live now. And the third displays the west coast where my husband and I lived for several years. 

Also, inside each of the large frames there is meaning to why I chose the pieces I did. For example: the bingo game was the just like the bingo activity I did when I was a kid. Uno and the face cards symbolize the fun games we played to pass the time on long family road trips etc.
I'll post so up close pictures of the frames so you can see them better.