Making an Old Christmas Tree New Again!

 One of the most popular trends in christmas decor is having a flocked Christmas tree with different types of ribbon and embellishments. While flocked trees are beautiful, it's not always possible to ditch your perfectly good Christmas tree for a new one. So I've discovered a great way to achieve the "Pinterest" look without breaking the bank!

My Christmas tree is about 10 years old and all green. I needed to freshen it up! I really wanted to make it look more like a flocked tree, so I went and bought a few large flocked tree pieces, or stems, from my local Michael's Craft store and stuck them in the tree. Then I bought smaller pieces of flocked different shades greenery to add more dimension to my tree. 

 Tall Christmas tree toppers are all the rage, so I went to Hobby Lobby and bought these red tall sprigs. They originally had lime green in them, but I took it out and just used the red. I also used silver floral stems to fill in the top and make it look more dramatic. 

My garland came from Hobby Lobby about four years ago. It too was just solid green, so I added all different types of floral stems with different shades.  I also added several ribbons with different patterns and colors for more interest.

I also used decorative mesh to help fill in empty spots where the tree might not be as full.

I hope you enjoy your tree and make wonderful memories with it for years to come! 

Christmas Tree Inspiration!

Christmas time is a magical time in the decorating world! 
I just love seeing how so many talented people are decorating thier home for the Christmas season! 
I wanted to share these inspirational photos with you from some of my favorite websites! 

I love this little piece of winter wonderland from World Market.

For elegant looking tree Randi, at Randi Garrett Design is one of my decorating heroes, everything she does is so regal!

Lucy, from Craftberry Bush put together this cozy Christmas farmhouse dream!

And another one of my favorites, Kelley Nan,  decorated the gorgeous tree with romantic flair- using pastel colors and accents of gold.

For an all white goodness- this tree from The Happy Happy Nester is perfect!

And I had to showcase this whimsical tree because it's just so darn cute! Check it out