My Delightful Dining Room Part 1

My favorite room in my home is my dining room! I'm sharing all about it in a two part series! Right now, I'm on the hunt for new fabric dining room chairs for the ends of the table. The second part of the series will be how to achieve this look! So stay tuned!

Back to the chairs, the ones pictured are just temporary substitutes until I can find the perfect ones :) Normally, if you have fabric or mis-matching chairs, they need to be at least the same height, or taller than the side chairs. I need to find pieces that will work with my traditional, yet modern-elegant style. 

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More Valentine's Day Decorating Love

Fresh flowers are wonderful on Valentine's Day! I tend to buy them a few days before Valentine's Day, and before the flowers are marked up at the stores! Today I even used a $4.00 off coupon for this lovely bouquet!

Decorating for Valentine's Day!

Valentines Day is almost here! Are you ready?
It's my favorite holiday to decorate for because the colors are so bright and happy!

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