Metallic Monday!

Adding metallics is a great way to update any space! I LOVE ZGallerie, but for a more budget friendly price, I adore Home Goods. Plus they're always organized together in one section. 

Another great place to shop, for those who live in the south, is At Home (formally known as Garden Ridge).

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Baby Shower Bliss!

I have a passion for parties! It's a lot of work but I just love it! here's a baby shower I threw yesterday from my friend. She's having a bouncing baby boy, so we went with mint green, gray and white for the color scheme, and a elegant decor. 

My friend Holly, named her son Hyrum, and their last name is Hatch. So I chose an monogram letter "H" to be the main theme.
Once again credit goes to my Husband, Justin, who designed all the labels and food signs. He even drilled the hole in the top of the mason jar lids for the straws to go in! He also spray painted the letter H white (It was originally black).  He is amazing and I could have done this with out him!

My friend Jamie made the adorable cookies! As you can see she is super talented! My other friend Wendy made the three different kinds of cupcakes! Carrot cake, coconut, and custard filled creme!