A Landscape Feel

It was a serene, landscape color pallet for this home! 
The client, Julie, wanted to refresh the kitchen and family rooms without painting the walls or replacing the big item furniture. She was on a tight budget, but wanted to make noticeable changes. She wanted her rental house to feel like a home. 

She had a very open floor plan so the two rooms needed to flow. Using old accessories she had around the house, I mixed it with new decor purchased from stores like as Home Goods, and Hobby Lobby. Everything came to together!

After suggesting to paint existing coffee and sofa tables, Julie did just that and transformed them like new! We came across the perfect window panels from Pottery Barn. They were the exact colors in our color pallet- with a paisley pattern to give the room some texture and interest. 

Her kitchen had high vaulted ceilings- so tall accessories above the kitchen cabinets were a must! The accents also had to have splashes of color to go with the unity of the two rooms

It turned out to be a wonderful relaxing area without breaking the bank!

Above the kitchen cabinets.