Sprintime in Paris!

This is a little different from my normal decorating posts, but I wanted to share this. 

I have a degree in fine art painting, so it felt so good to dust off my water colors and paint brushes and paint this fashion illustration!

I submitted this water color painting I did for my version of "Springtime in Paris" for Michael's Craft Stores. After I submitted it they featured it their website!
Wish me luck! ‪#‎SpringtimeInParis‬ ‪#‎Contest‬


Tips for Setting a Beautiful Easter Table

Easter is less than two weeks away! Crazy! Easter is one of my favorite holidays with lots of family traditions! My mother thrived on making holidays super special- and Easter was no exception. (I loved how she’d always send us on money eggs hunts and make our traditional Swiss cheese ham bake dinner.)  Decorating for Easter is so fun because you can create a peaceful, cozy feeling with soft pastels, or a more happy, cheerful look with bright colors.

I’m excited to share with you how I decorated my Easter table. For starters, I mixed a few older pieces I already had, with some new pieces I just purchased. I always like to do a “trial run” before the actual holiday. I decorate my table a couple days before the event and take a picture of it . That way if I’m running behind on the day of the event, I don’t have to think about where to place everything. I just look at the picture - and voila! I know where everything goes.

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How to Build A Mudroom Bench By Amanda!

 I'm so excited to introduce my friend Amanda from AnOrganizedFamily. Today she is sharing how she and her handyman hubby built this amazing storage mudroom space! Her step by step mudroom tutorial is so informative and clear- you'll love it! Her blog is also filled with lots of great organizational tips and tricks to help in everyday life! Go check it out- you'll be so glad you did!

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I am honored that Nissa-Lynn asked me to contribute to her blog some of my DIY projects.  I have a really hand husband, named Kevin, and he makes what I have in my head come to life.  Together we are a great team.  One of my favorite projects to date is our Mudroom Bench.

Last year, Kevin and I built a new home.  As much as we would have liked to have built a custom home, that just wasn’t in the budget.  So, we built a home with a builder that was structurally what we wanted, but we would do most of the customization and upgrades ourselves.  I’ve always dreamed of a mudroom and this home had the perfect spot for a great bench.  We priced it with the builder and it would have been $1600 for their version (one that wasn’t near as nice or pretty).  Our version ended up costing about $300 in materials and took about 8 hours to build, and then a few more to prime and paint.  But it is gorgeous and was most definitely worth the effort!

Spring Decor for the Kitchen!

 Brightening up this kitchen by adding pops of color! Bring on Spring!

If you're looking for cheap topiaries -check out At Home (originally Garden Ridge.) They're not the best quality, but they work great for the price! 

Sneak Peak!

Here's a a little preview of a clients living room I've been working on. In the last few months, we've totally remodeled her home! New lights, new furniture, carpet, travertine floors.. the works!
More photos to come!

My Delightful Dining Room Part 2

Oh How I love my dining room! It's my favorite room in my home! I wanted the room to have a regal, traditional feel, with a modern elegant look. I've had several inquires about how to create this look- and I'm happy to share. 

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